The MBA programme is of 4 semester (2 years) duration. The evaluation of student comprises of both internal assessment (20%)by the faculty and examinations by the University(80%). Internal tests are conducted periodically to assess the performance. The programme follow the curriculum of Anna University. The University upgrades the curriculum dynamically in tune with the requirements of the industry. The faculty of the college contributes significantly to the curriculum development.

The course curriculum also includes real-time projects at the end of the first year (summer project) and at 4th semester by the students in various companies in their field of specialization.

The emphasis of the College is to encourage students to

  • Develop a multi-disciplinary outlook
  • Work in teams
  • Apply the analytical mind to business and IT problems
  • Be open to diverse view points
  • Evaluate conflicting situations

The classroom pedagogy involves the case method, group discussion, role-play, business games and workshops. The students are encouraged to actively participate and challenge themselves in the learning process.