SVCCAM understands well the fundamental importance of a library in promoting lifelong learning and improving the knowledge, skills and competence of its students. The college has had a library since its inception of exceptional quality and quantity of books and journals on various titles. Connecting the students and the faculty with global resources of knowledge, the library continues to adapt to challenging new demands and provides a professional and conducive learning atmosphere for the empowerment of its users.

The SVCCAM Library contributes to the fulfillment of the college mission by:


Selecting, acquiring, organizing, maintaining and making accessible a collection of printed and non-printed,primary and secondary materials which will support the educational, research, and public service programmes.

Library special features


Highly qualified, efficient librarian ensures the best possible information services. Standard textbooks and books by well-known authors are stacked, and every effort is made to obtain all titles recommended by the faculty.  Multiple copies of popular books are bought to make them available to as many students as possible.

Library services



  • Book-Access
  • CD-Rom Search
  • Media Resource
  • Photocopying
  • Circulation
  • Reference
  • Book Bank
  • Clipping
  • Internet
  • E-book